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"Another way of building and living together is possible", Iñaki Alonso, architect, ecological cohousing Entrepatios
"The city is not the problem, the city is the solution", Jaime Lerner, architect, former mayor of Curitiba.
“In order to move forward, it will be necessary to take a small step back, to know what was before the“ footprint ”of civilization, and to allow nature to find its way”, Eric Sanderson, landscape ecologist, Manahatta Project.
"Bees are true masters of the sharing economy: they act like a true macro-organism", Dale Gibson, stockbroker and urban beekeeper
“Going to work by bicycle on a Monday is turning it into a Saturday”, Gregorio Magno, biologist, creator of Ciclogreen

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“The realities that we live today only yesterday were utopias. Today's utopias are called to become reality tomorrow ”, Mariano Bueno, author of“ The ecological family garden ”.
"The most important harvest is the exchange of positive vibrations with plants", Joan Carulla, pioneer of green roofs.
"All our fundamental freedoms are at stake in these times, but the most essential freedom of all is that of seeds", Vandana Shiva, ecofeminist.
“More than 850 million people are hungry and more than 1.5 billion are obese or overfed. How can we tolerate it?” Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food.
"The fate of nations depends on how they feed themselves", José Andrés, solidarity and solar chef.
"We are the most even movement in the world: if you eat you are admitted", Mary Clear, co-founder of Incredible Edible.

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“The planet saves itself, as it has done since life began. What should really concern us is our futures ”, James Lovelock, father of the Gaia hypothesis.
"Let us reach a tacit agreement: half a planet for us, but we cannot touch the other half ... We would save 85% of the species from extinction." Edward O. Wilson, biologist, author of "Biophilia."
"If we do not find a better way to live on the planet, we ourselves will be among the extinct species", Jame Goodall, primatologist.
"The ability to solve the great environmental problems that we have created are in our hands: we are the civilization that can draw the most lessons from history", geographer, author of "Collapse".
"The rocks do not lie: we have stopped being mere inhabitants of the Earth to become geological agents", Jan Zalasiewicz, geologist, director of the Anthropocene Working Group
"All the answers are in nature", Janine Benyus, author of "Biomimicry.

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"You don't need a diploma to plant a tree," Wangari Maathai, founder of Green Belt, Nobel Peace Prize.
"Anyone can be a messiah of plants in their own environment", Carlos Magdalena, botanist, author of "The Messiah of Plants."
"Fungi are the true guardians of ecosystems, the natural intelligence of the Earth," Paul Stamets, mycologist, author of "Mycellium Running."
"The economy has to recognize sooner or later that it cannot grow indefinitely in a finite world", Fritjof Cpara, author of "The web of life".
"I believe in the ability of young and intelligent people to reclaim the future and take over from our generation, too scared and anxious to question the uncertainties of those who came before," Tim Smit, founder of the Eden Project.
“A place where the birds don't sing at dawn is a place with no future,” Gordon Hempton, acoustic ecologist.

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"We still do not recognize that the sea is our big blue heart, and that thanks to it we stay alive", Sylvia Earle, oceanographer.
"We tend to worry about the planet that we are going to leave our children, when the most important thing is the children that we are going to leave the planet", Javier Goyenche, entrepreneur and founder of EcoAlf.
"Ice is our thermostat, the natural 'air conditioning' system that prevents excessive warming of the Earth," Peter Wadhams, glaciologist, author of "Goodbye to Ice."
"The damage we cause to the environment we cause ourselves," Santiago Martín Barajas, founding member of Ecologistas en Acción.
"To heal the planet we have to learn to align ourselves with nature and take advantage of its immense restorative power", John Todd, inventor of "eco-machines"

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“No credible scientist can doubt that humans have contributed to increasing the planet's average temperature by over one degree in the last century,” James Hansen, former NASA climatologist.

“When leaders behave like children, it is the children who have to behave like adults,” Greta Thunberg, founder of Fridays for Future.

"Science has been warning of the effects of excess CO2 in the atmosphere since the late nineteenth century", Joana Haigh, physicist and meteorologist.

"Climate change is like a blind spot, like that space that we don't see when we're driving and we look out of the corner of our eye in the rearview mirror", George Marshall, founder of Climate Outreach and author of "Don't ever think about it ”.

"Indigenous peoples need a fourth 'erre' the right to 'reject' and choose our own destiny," Sarah James, "ambassador" of the Caribou nation in Alaska.

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"The Coronavirus and the climate crisis have created the climax for change", Domingo Jiménez Beltrán, engineer, first director of the European Environment Agency.
“First it was human energy, then everything else”, Gijsbert Huijink, co-founder of the renewable cooperative Som Energia.
“When will the energy efficiency revolution come? It would be like the reinvention of fire ", Amory Lovins, physicist and author of" Factor 4 ".
"At the end of the day, and not very long, we will use the sun as our sole source of energy," Daniel Nocera, chemist and founder of Sun Catalytix.
"The future of the planet is at stake in the cities: the next 20 years are going to be the most critical in the history of humanity", Nicholas Stern, author of the Stern Report on the economy and climate change.
"Our great problems have their origin in the great disconnection with nature", George Monbiot, author of "Heat" and "Wild".

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“We are living a fascinating moment, of convergence of ideas that will allow us a radical change in the way we produce and consume things”, Ellen MacArthur, is a sailing champion and promoter of the circular economy
"Ecology is a luxury to us, but a vital element without which a society cannot function, much less an economy", Tony Juniper, environmental advisor to Prince Charles and author of "What has Nature ever done for us?"
"I rebel against the idea that what is good for the environment and for health has to be more expensive", Gunter Pauli, author of "The Blue Economy".
"A resilient economy is one capable of facing unforeseen events, withstanding major crises and recovering without external support", Diego Isabel LaMoneda, founder of the NESI forum on the new economy and social innovation.
"We have to create an economic system that encourages virtues and not vices", Christian Felber, promoter of the Economy for the Common Good.
"The time has come to reimagine everything," Bob Hopkins, pemacultor and founder of the Transition Movement.
"In times of crisis, ideas that seem impossible suddenly become possible ... The problem is in what kind of ideas and what kind of society we want to create", Naomi Klien, author of "This changes everything" and "The capitalism of disaster".

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"We have to redesign the world: we have no other choice", William McDonough, designer, architect and father of the concept "cradle to cradle".
"It is not enough to be the change you want to see in the world, you have to" make "the change and that can only be achieved by taking collective action", Annie Leonard, author of "The history of things."
"We cannot destroy the planet to make ourselves beautiful", Sybilla, designer.
"Recycling is a good place to start, but a terrible place to stay," Bettina Madment, founder of Plastic Free Hackney.
"Being radical means being true to your roots," Jim Merkel, author of Simplicida Radical.

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"Happy country childhood, marveling every day at the secrets of life", Feliz Rodríguez de la Fuente.
"Nature has to be a mother and a teacher", Heike Freire, author of "Educating in Green".
"We are much more productive when we are in our own habitat: nature is nourishing", Richard Louv, author of "The Last Children in the Forest."
“We have all the tools to make paradise possible”, Lucho Iglesias and Matricia Lana, co-founders of Permacultura Caña Dulce.
"Activism is not a destination, but a journey", Satish Kumar, thinker and educator, author of "Earth, soul and society."
“Without ecology and spirituality, ignorance and violence are served. Now humanity has an opportunity to awaken to a higher level of consciousness… if it can go beyond fear ”, Guillem Ferrer, founder of Educació per la Vida.

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