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The author, Carlos Fresneda , is available for interviews and conferences on sustainability and the environment ( .

The use of the photographs located at the beginning of this page is authorized for journalistic use, as long as the author is asked.

Always crediting the author: Miguel Fresneda Carrasco .

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Published articles

Interview in "Reserva Natural / RNE"

Spanish National Radio

Paul Stamets: "Mushrooms are the internet of nature"

The World , Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Carlos Fresneda collects one hundred "powerful" stories of "ecoheroes"

EFE , October 8, 2020

Carlos Fresneda collects in "Ecohéroes" the story of 100 great voices for the health of the planet

National Geographic

Carlos Fresneda brings his 'Ecohéroes' to Mallorca

The World , October 9, 2020

The ecoheroes who best take care of the planet's health

La Vanguardia , October 11, 2020

100 ecoheroes in action to 'save' our Earth

The Astonishing , October 14, 2020

The inventor of eco-machines

The Sun Mail

Carlos Fresneda, environmental journalist: "The fight against climate change should not be left or right" , October 20, 2020

Carlos Fresneda: "The fight against climate change should not be left or right"

infolibre , October 21, 2020

Carlos Fresneda, on Greta Thunberg: "Since you can't kill the message, you kill the messenger"

The Independent , November 1, 2020

"Ecoheroes inspire us to change"

Body Mind , 5 November 2020

Carlos Fresneda: "We need a definitive connection between health and the environment."

ecoavant , November 19, 2019

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